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13-16 Sep.                    

The 28th EAJRS (European Association Japanese Resource Specialists)

Venue: Oslo University / Norway

Title: The Austrian photographer Michael Moser (1853-1912) and his documents on Meiji-Japan. (accepted) (in English language)

* Awarded a scholarship by EAJRS 


29 March                     

Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Bonn / Germany

Chair: Prof Dr Sönke Neitzel (Potsdam University, Military history)

Title: Japan and the demarcation problems of the German Empire after the First World War. (invited) (in German language)


4 March                        

International symposium entitled “Proceedings of the 2nd civilization dialogue between Europe and Japan”

Venue: Tōkai University, European centre in Vedbæk / Denmark

Title: Interdisciplinary and international research on the practice of keeping a diary: A perspective for understanding the characteristics of the humanities in Japan. (invited) (in English language) (published in 2017)



For whom are the Humanities?: From a comparative perspective of the history of research on autobiographical writings in Europe and Japan. In Hirano Y., Tanaka, S., Tateo, L., and Valsiner, J. (eds.) Bunmei. Civilization dialogue between Europe and Japan. Kanagawa: Tōkai University, Institute of Civilization Research, pp. 164-180. 
「近代日本の日記の学際研究のあり方と日欧比較の視座」田中祐介編『〈日記文化〉から近代日本を問う』笠間書院 、351−380頁
Die Erzählungen vom Leben und Wirken des Divinationsmeisters Abe no Seimei [浅井了意 安倍晴明物語]. Freiburg: Herder Verlag, ca. 100 Seiten 〔仮名草子「安倍晴明物語」の注釈付きドイツ語訳〕

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